Van Walker – local friends and influences

October 10, 2011

with Mick Thomas…

With brother Cal Walker and Liz Stringer.

And Liz taking the lead

The whole gang… Van, Jordie Lane, Liz Stringer, Chris Altmann, Tracy McNeil, Suzannah Espie at Oakleigh Bowls Club 2010


Keeping it local…

October 10, 2011

With Paul Kelly

and Van’s old label boss Mick Thomas (and RMIT’s PAul Thomas) with Weddings Parties Anything

and Van

Some Brit Folks…

October 10, 2011

Unlike Van and local friends, here’s on guy who likes to keep it political. Billy Bragg maintains the rage in a way that the early Australian folk revivalists did.

Scotsman Dick Gaughan using social history to make his political point. Dick has been known to use rock instrumentation – even saxophone – but no one doubts his authenticity on first and second levels…

Americana Music Association

October 10, 2011

If Van was American, he would be an Americana artist. Maybe he is anyway?

Some other similarly inclined Americans

October 10, 2011

Fantastic song from young songwriter from Chicago named Joe Pug.

Peter Case, like Van Walker, comes from a punk rock background. These days he’s a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter of some repute!

Malcolm Holcombe has done it harder than most. He lost his young son to illness some years ago, which I think this song is a heartbreaking dream-like response to. Moore’s first level of authenticity finds embodiment here.

More from Malcolm. A rare cover of a beautiful Rowland Salley song, also recorded by John Prine, Alison Krauss & Robert Plant and many others. A song like this, although of American origin, shows the truly global nature of this type of music I believe.

This song from Minnesotan Charlie Parr took him from an self-released artist who had never sent a promo copy of one of his cds to radio or press, to an artist with an original song – this one – used in a worldwide Vodaphone TV campaign. Charlie now has a manager and a small record deal – other than that it’s business as usual for him. His very tradition folk-blues style aims more for third level authenticity – ‘authenticity of execution’ – than the other artists presented here.

Young singer-songwriter and CELLIST from Kentucky, Ben doesn’t just bring unusual instrumentation to the idiom, but an explicit return to involvement in social justice, as evidenced in below talk.

Global scene – American counterparts, Steve Earle sings Townes Van Zandt

October 9, 2011

And here’s Van…

October 6, 2011