Some other similarly inclined Americans

Fantastic song from young songwriter from Chicago named Joe Pug.

Peter Case, like Van Walker, comes from a punk rock background. These days he’s a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter of some repute!

Malcolm Holcombe has done it harder than most. He lost his young son to illness some years ago, which I think this song is a heartbreaking dream-like response to. Moore’s first level of authenticity finds embodiment here.

More from Malcolm. A rare cover of a beautiful Rowland Salley song, also recorded by John Prine, Alison Krauss & Robert Plant and many others. A song like this, although of American origin, shows the truly global nature of this type of music I believe.

This song from Minnesotan Charlie Parr took him from an self-released artist who had never sent a promo copy of one of his cds to radio or press, to an artist with an original song – this one – used in a worldwide Vodaphone TV campaign. Charlie now has a manager and a small record deal – other than that it’s business as usual for him. His very tradition folk-blues style aims more for third level authenticity – ‘authenticity of execution’ – than the other artists presented here.

Young singer-songwriter and CELLIST from Kentucky, Ben doesn’t just bring unusual instrumentation to the idiom, but an explicit return to involvement in social justice, as evidenced in below talk.


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