The Boy In The Black Hole

Although David Bordwell’s article presents interesting ideas, there is nothing I would contemplate in regards to my Dog Meat Records website. My site is based around a label that released music that was raw, simple and indeed quite often primitive. That’s what the label was about. It would be inappropriate to include any additional music or any extra soundtrack material of any kind given that aesthetic, and I think it’s also important, given that music is the focus, that the music itself is the only audio on the site.

That said, if my site required it, I would love to try to utilize sound in other ways. Sound, whether it is music or anything else, to create a setting or mood, certainly adds an extra dimension. I like the idea of using sound to suggest movement, to bring to life an otherwise static page. Recorded sounds to complement a photo – eg street sounds to accompany a photo of a street scene – would enhance the photo and enable it to reflect a longer scene than just the moment captured by the camera.

The fact that Martin Chappell actually brings in sounds that he recorded elsewhere, not just to recreate sounds needed to reflect visual actions (eg gunshots), but to provide extra detail, suggests how sound can be used to create additional layers of information and indeed bring much greater depth to a scene. Using it to suggest certain things happening off the screen is a way it can actually become an important part of the narrative if required as well.


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