In Australia, copyright is automatic, as long as the piece in question is something that can be copyrighted, is the result of some effort (and not copied from someone else) and somehow recorded.
For the most part, copyright lasts for 70 years after the creator’s death, or 70 years after the material was first published.
Ideas themselves can not be copyrighted – only the expression of that idea. Similarly, technnques, styles and information can’t be copyrighted. For the most part names, words and even slogans can’t be copyrighted either, although they may be covered by something in another area of law, such as trade marks. Similarly people’s physical likenesses can’t be copyrighted but other areas of law may come into effect depending on circumstances.
Generally remixes are protected by copyright, as they are considered new works. However permission is still usually needed from – or arrangements made with – the copyright holders of the original works utilised in the remix before the work can be published.


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