Assignment Presentation

My last post contains an outline of my plans for my site, as well as a link to the front page.  I’ve made a reasonable start to it, with a basic layout for what i’m calling the ‘introduction’ page, which is the page that follows the front page. I need to find images for all the artists that I don’t have images for yet, and write some text for each page. I also need to find and create content for other pages which will link to the headings in the left hand column, like the label’s story (basically a history), the gallery etc. This is a matter of writing more text and scanning more photos – ie more of what I’ve already done.

I definitely want to embed YouTube footage from each artist on their respective page (where such footage is available), and include a music track for each artist, and also something strong to serve as an introductory statement to the label as a whole that can start playing as soon as someone clicks through to the introduction page.

For the music I want to stream MP3’s, and  use ‘Autostart’ and ‘Loop’ to determine if the music plays as soon as the page is opened or not, and whether it places once or in rotation. By my understanding the music is embedded by uploading to the SFTP site and creating a link on the the site that places it. It is actually the music playing sorftware on a user’s computer that will play the music.

Embedding YouTube videos sounds bloody easy according to the directions on the YouTube Help page – says it’s basically a matter of copying a code and pasting it in the website, but I’ve yet to give it a try.

Timeline – with full time work and two kids, one of whom I help with homework some nights – any time line I might draw up is not something I’m going to stick too.  With 6 or so weeks to go and a lot of work to do – as well as a lot of work to do catching up with my blog and getting on top of the whole social networking thing – it’s a matter of doing as much as I can as soon as I can, and then taking a couple of days off work claser to the end if I feel that’s the only way I’m going to get it done. Basically though what I need to do next is source the rest of my material – images and music – and find the videos I want to use on Youtube and write the text I want to include. Apart from the music and the dvds it’s really a matter of doing more of what I’ve already done in regards to laying stuff out and linking pages. I’m confident I can get the bulk of it done.


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