Project Management & Ideas Post

I’m going to use Eugenia’s list of points as a guide for this as the Six Thinking Hats thing seems a tad esoteric for my brain this morning/afternoon. So…

1. A Brief Outline & Description of My Project.

See previous post. Basically, a site dedicated to my old record label Dog Meat Records.

2 Project Plan & Timeline (a to-do list with dates).

Honestly I’m not ready to do time line yet, as after-hours work commitments with my full time job at this time of year (and parenting commintments) are probably going to mean I’ll have to take a week or at least a few days off to complete this project towards end of the semester. What I need to first do is dig out my old files, collect images, write brief bio’s of the atists I want to feature and write an overview of the label. I may get some friends and old associates to help with the writing if they’re willing. I’ll have a lot of scanning to do. I’ll also need to decide what music to feature, and find out if I can get old video footage on VHS digitised cheaply. The material will in part shape the design of  project. I also need to research other label sites for inspiration and ideas. In regards to the site itself, I need to plan a basic design into which everythnig can plug.    

3. What I’m trying to achieve.

A history of my old record label, and associated artists, in sound, vision and text. I want it to be lively and exciting to refect the style of music the label released, which was basically punk/garage rock from way down deep in the underground. So it needs to be raw, passionate, fun, primitive, having no regards for current music or design trends…

4.  What strategies I will use to achieve my project aims.

This in some ways duplicates point 2 – the project plan. However once the site is ready to be looked at by the public, I will certainly encouraging interation with relevant sites – from like minded labels, artists, blogs etc – by the various networking strategies we are learning in this course.    

5.  My project’s strengths? How will I harness these?

The great strengths are the music and the images – all of which already exist. I will use as much of this material as I can, with text to contextualise it all.  In regards to networking, the label is reasonably well known amongst a small but enthusiastic community of punk and garage rock fans around the world, so the site can trade off the label’s name, and that of the artists, some of whom (Billy Childish/Thee Headcoats, Dead Moon, the Real Kids, the Pretty Things, the Imperial Dogs, Bored, the Powder Monkeys etc) have fairly rabid fanbases. The fact that a ‘best of Dog Meat’ 3CD set is being planned for release late in the year (on the  Aargh! label, which is run by one of the guys from the Eddy Current Suppression Ring) also gives the site a good platform to be properly launched from.

6. Weakenesses? How will I overcome?

Simply the abundance of material I have and the amount of content I need to include to achive what I want to wth the site is going to make it a very time consuming project.  I need to carefully select what I use and decide what will best serve my purposes. This abundance however can be a positive – means there will be material for the  site to be regularly refreshed. This overcomes another weakness, which is basically that the site is focussing on an entity – my record label – that basically no longer exists. Keeping the site fresh and relevant after the  ‘best of’ cd set is out won’t simply be a matter of updating news, adding new arists and releases etc, as there won’t really be any. 

7. Target audience?

Fans of the label and the bands, fans of the particular styles of music thar  the label worked with, people interested in independent labels, people interested in Melbourne music and Australian music in general.

8. How will I evaluate and learn from my project?

The subject of the project is something very close to my heart and something that I spent 10 years worth of my own time working on, basically for no financial recompense. The project will be a success if it captures what I want to to capture basically, and if it recieves a reasonalbe level of  attention and a good response from the likeminded musical community. How will I learn from it? I started this course with no real concept of how websites were created, so if I can achieve what I want to with it, I will have learned to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. Which is pretty exciting.


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