My concept…

….is a website about my old label Dog Meat Records, which ran from about 1986 to 1996, and which will be the subject of a ‘best of’ compilation later in the year. The site would give a history of the label, information regarding all the bands and releases, and try to put it into a broader context of the the music of the era and likeminded labels and artists that existed prior to – and inspired the label –  and working now. It would work to expose the forthcoming cd release as well as the individual artists, and  document something that I put a lot of work into back in the day. My first steps are to gather all the available material – music, images, video etc – and try to start building a structure out of it. Part of my research will entail looking at other record label sites….


5 Responses to My concept…

  1. dgualtieri says:

    Thats an awesome idea.

    I’m a huge Childish/Headcoats fan so I’d be pretty stoked in that regard.

    But history and info on all the releases would be pretty interesting, like The Real Kids? Splatterheads? I think Dog meat did some of those.
    Anyway. Awesome idea!

    • dtp1976 says:

      hey dgualteri – are you doing the music course at rmit – which this blog is tied in to – or did you just happen upon this somehow. would be cool to think there’s another Childish/Real Kids/Splatterheads fan in the class. Either way, thanks for the feedback!

      • dgualtieri says:

        Sorry yeah im in the rmit class, was how i stumbled across your post. My name is Dave. I’ll introduce myself at some point.

  2. Francis says:

    I am very interested to see how your project pans out

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